The Dutch Network Science Society is the Dutch Chapter of the Network Science Society:

Our key missions include:

  • Aggregate and support the Dutch Network Science Society and link it to the International Network Science Society.
  • Facilitate knowledge transfer and collaboration within the Dutch chapter, as well as between the Dutch network science community and both industry and public bodies via e.g. organizing and coordinating scientific seminars/colloquia.
  • Stimulate Network Science via activities e.g. talent scouting through a best thesis/young talent prize, Dutch nominations for the Erdős–Rényi Prize, online dissemination of relevant news and information (of e.g. vacancies, scientific achievements, events).
  • Innovate network science education in academia and industry through activities like open lectures, summer/winter schools.
  Figure courtesy of Marijn ten Thij

Update on Young Talent Prize!

We have received only excellent applications for our first ever Young Talent Prize: the candidates were without exception of high quality and are each unique in their contributions to network science. The winner of the 2020 Young Talent Prize, Clara Stegehuis, not only exemplifies the excellent interdisciplinary representation of mathematics within Dutch Network Science, but is also a clear role model for the field through her outreach to the general public in general, and to young generations in particular. We congratulate Clara with this award and look forward to her presentation during our Young Talent Symposium on November 2nd!

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